[ Interview mode ] Portrait de Charmaine

Bonjour à toutes,
Je suis très contente aujourd’hui de vous présenter cette toute nouvelle rubrique dédiée aux interviews de blogueuses ! Cela fait un moment que je l’ai en tête, j’avais envie de pouvoir contacter des blogueuses que j’apprécie avant de pouvoir créer le premier article. Je suis d’autant plus contente que cette rubrique est inaugurée par un portrait de la très jolie Charmaine du blog Charmainescloset !

charmaine 2
Charmaine porte une très jolie veste et un top Topshop, un short en cuir de chez Asos et une paire de chaussures River Island
  • What can you tell us about you ?
I’m a 17 year old blogger, who lives in England, and is currently studying for a-levels. I love clothes a little too much, and my shoe collection is gradually becoming a slight addiction! I love to mix about with fashion, i don’t take it too serious, it’s more about having fun with what you wear! I’d love to take a career based on blogging and fashion, maybe journalism considering I’m studying English Literature, but we’ll have to wait to see what the future holds! In my spare time i shop, well that’s a suprise haha! Hang about with friends, work alot (i work in a fish and chip shop, joys..) just the same things as a normal teenager would..
  • Why have created a fashion blog?
I found bloggers through magazines and always thought it looked so cool! I loved the idea of sharing outfit inspiration with other girls who were also interested in fashion, considering at the time none of my friends were that interested in clothes. I loved to read part of their lives too, the events some bloggers had been invited to, the friends you make, so many paths that lead from taking pictures of your clothes! It’s a hobby that could lead to something, and one day i hope it will lead me into something amazing. But it’s mainly for fun really, i love recieving feedback from all the lovely followers i have, it’s so amazing that people take time out of their day to read a little about my life!
  • What speaks your blog?
My blog is based on fashion (I’m not too good with the beauty and make-up area..).. I post outfits posts, hauls, wishlists of certain sites/brands. I involve life posts too. Sometimes it’s nice to break away from the fashion and for my followers to get to know the girl infront of the camera! I love to share my views on certain brands and help any of those followers who are in a fashion fix, it’s crazy to think some people take inspiration from what i wear! My blog is basically me chatting about life, and an insite to a british teenagers wardrobe i guess? Looking across bloggers and countries it’s all so different and i feel my blog does represent a british girls style quite well!
  • If you had to choose your dressing, one product, one pair of shoes and one accessory, what would they be?
Ooh now this is tricky! One accessory.. that would be a Chanel gold chain (necklace). They have two on Asos and I’m constantly druelling over those beauties but the price tag is super high!
A garment, well I’m on the look out for the perfect leather jacket at the moment, a brand? I have no idea, but one that’s oversized, yet doesn’t drown you, something cool and perfect for the Uk’s spring! One pair of shoes? Through and through my heart will always go out to JC’s! I really would love a pair of Tardy’s from his collection, maybe the flat studded pair..
  • What is your favorite brand?
Topshop, forever and always. Their brand is so diverse, it caters for so many different styles! I could never walk in and not see atleast ten items i’d love to walk out with. Their pricing is reasonable, and the style has a slight edge to most other highstreet brands. Even when I’m 50 i will probably be shopping in there!!
  • The part that you like the most in the next spring-summer 2013?

As in fashion wise? i can’t wait to jump on the pastel and neon band wagon. Now i honestly don’t know what’s ‘in’ for S/S13, i wear what i like. I don’t follow fashion trends or rules. If i like a garment I’ll wear it. But S/S is always an excuse to brighten up the wardrobe!

  • What perfume do you wear?
D&G no. 3.. I really need to find a new scent though, this one has stuck around too long! It’s a nice scent, but i think it’s time to mix it up a bit!
  • Do you prefer shopping in store or online?
 It depends where. Online compared to my local shopping centre. But if i were to trekk up to London that shopping in stores by far!!
♥ ♥ 
Charmaine porte une très jolie robe Sugarlips et des chaussures Jeffrey Campbell
 charmaine 3
Ici, une belle robe en velour Motel ( similaire ici et ici ) et une paire  de chaussures Jeffrey Campbell ( similaires ici )
charmaine 4
Charmaine porte un short Asos et des sandales Carvela
Merci à Charmaine pour sa gentillesse et d’avoir accepté de réponse à ces questions
Venez faire un petit tours sur son très joli blog
♥ ♥ 

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